[8/10/17] Newsletter - Matterport Scenes 1.1 is live in the Play Store!

Matterport Scenes 1.1 is live in the Play Store!

Matterport's 3D scanning technology is taking the world by storm. With the launch of the new ASUS ZenFone AR phone, Matterport Scenes - our smartphone app for Tango-supported devices - is more accessible than ever. If you are a builder, design professional, or Matterport Service Partner looking to expand their services, consider adding Matterport Scenes to your toolkit.

While Scenes is not a replacement for a Matterport 3D Camera, it can be useful for many kinds of small projects. This week we released some new exciting features, including Scenes Cloud and Photoview. Learn more here - if you are interested in additional Scenes updates, please follow the Scenes channel in our Community.


Scenes At-a-Glance


Survey Results: We're listening!

Earlier this month, we asked you what we could do to improve our 360° Snapshots, Teaser Videos, and Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts. Thank you so much to those who participated - we really appreciate your time and insight.

Here's what we heard:

For Multimedia Mattertag Posts: 
- It’s important to make it easier and faster to add content to your Spaces. You also asked for more color options -- which just launched in a recent release! We now offer 6 colors as opposed to just blue.

For 360° Snapshots: 
- Streamlining the snapshot creation process would help, as well as making them easier to share. Higher-resolution images would be great, too.

For Teaser Videos: 
- Looping GIFs are better than non-looping and the chosen locations for videos and GIFs could be improved. You’d also really like to be able to edit these and make them your own.


Update your Pro camera's firmware

If you want to keep your Pro 3D Camera operating in tip-top shape, make sure to install the latest firmware release using the Capture app. This release is the same version running in the Pro2 camera. It fixes a few minor bugs and ensures that your scans will be at their highest quality.  


Capture 2.3.3

We have recently released the final version of Capture 2.3.3., which includes a number of bug fixes including including a fix to the data corruption issue encountered by a few customers. Thank you to our Beta testers - you were a big help! If you have more questions about this release, please contact support@matterport.com.


Order a Schematic Floor Plan today!

In a recent survey of non-customers, we learned that 55% of real estate professionals weren’t offering floor plans because they believed they were too expensive, took too long, or that they hadn’t found a good vendor to order from yet.

With Matterport, you get floor plans generated directly from your 3D tours in just 2 days and for only $14.99 USD. Out of all the Matterport customers who have ordered a floor plan, 74% have ordered more than once. Join them today!


Join the discussion, ask questions, and submit product ideas on the Matterport Community. Just log in with your Matterport Cloud credentials to get started. Visit our Help Center for detailed Matterport how-to guides, videos, and other FAQs.  




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