Mattertag Frustration

The multimedia embedly mattertags are great, I've had an idea to put some 360vr videos from YouTube within my showcase to make it more interactive. I have scanned an events premises with a Mount Everest room so downloaded a 360vr video from a helicopter ride around everest that would have been great to keep with the VR theme.

They don't work though as the browser configuration is different than the official YouTube app. I like the window in window feature though - that's great as you can play the video while walking the showcase.

The other thing is I want to hide the tags as easter eggs within the showcase (think of a treasure hunt) but they show up in the dollshouse and floor plan views - is there a tweak to remove this (just from those views)? Or something you could add as an option within workshop? Don't want to remove the dollshouse as that's the main USP.



  • Hi @sitimms,

    I think I know what you're referring to with the 360vr youtube videos and I believe they are only compatible with certain browsers.  I've never tested it within a Mattertag Post, but if it's going to work, I would try using Chrome when viewing your 3D Showcase. 

    As for removing Mattertag Posts from the floor plan and dollhouse view, I can add it as a feature request, but at this time, it's not possible. 

    - Amir

  • @matterport-Amir Thanks for that, yes if you can put it as a feature request - you guys do listen (and we appreciate that) it was just a shame about that browser thing as I really wanted to wow them with the showcase and create a really VR based multimedia showcase. Just some feedback from a client (remember we're a bit behind you in the UK) they were really impressed with the showcase and amazed at the technology.

    A client who was by my side while scanning said 'I feel like I am in a Sci-Fi movie and have to hide from a robot' :)


  • haha :)  too bad the IR dots are invisible as the camera is scanning.  That would be even more sci-fi. 

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