6 Storey Staircase

 Any tips on staircases?

I'm doing a scan on Friday for the staircase manufacturer so it is the main subject.

it climbs 6 stories in total, but the property itself wont be covered because of its clients privacy.

im guessing ill need to use the trim tool lots to delete areas im not allowed to show.



  • @James  The trim tool won't prevent viewers from seeing what is t the side, above or below the staircases.  How much have you used trim so far?  I recommend trimming out one of your previous scans and re-uploading to see.  Trim keeps artifacts/scatter from leaking out of the model.

  • @james

    Interesting subject!

    I could be wrong but the trim tool will not make the surrounding area hidden. I would honestly scan and duplicate the model a few times and play around with it. I personally would use the window marker to mark the stairs. That way, they have to stay on the staircase. They will still be able to see the surrounding area but not walk it.

  • @James, 

    William and Justin are right about the trim. It's only designed to remove 3D mesh, not 2D pano data.  That said, using it can help keep the dollhouse looking clean so it's just the staircase, since that's your subject anyhow.

    I don't know if there's much difference between the stairs on each level, but if there isn't, you will want to make them different somehow.  Meaning, throw in a potted plant on one of the landings and hopefully some artwork will help Capture differentiate between each level. 

    The problem you could run into, and it's very common with staircases, is due to the similarity in the scene from one level to the next, Capture could misalign.  Meaning, after you scan the first set of stairs and you're going up the second set, Capture could align one of those scans with the stairs from the level below. 

    Be sure to scan every 2-3 steps max at a time.  If you have one scan position at the base of the stairs another half way up and the last at the landing on the next floor, it will surely misalign at some point and you'll end up with 5 floors instead of 6 in the best case. 

    It's critical with multi-floor sites to get as much alignment data as possible by scanning close to the previously aligned scan position. 

    I hope that helps. looking forward to seeing the finished product. 

    - Amir

  • Thanks everyone, I will post the results here when completed.

  • Here is the finished scan, please give me your thoughts.

  • @james

    It looks good to me. I think the dollhouse is odd looking. I thought what is this, then I remembered you saying it is a staircase.

    Did you have any problems with alignment?

    The only suggestion I would say is put the scan spot directly in front of the staircase on the landing instead of the middle and then another one at the bottom of the next section. You just never know when something funny is going to happen!

  • @justinv
    Thanks for your thoughts, I agree with you about the landing position, I was thinking it might be good for it to 'look' down and up between the levels to help fill in any missed areas.

    The blowout at the top was caused by a glass roof, can anything be done about this?

  • Nothing about the skylights! We keep hoping for a trim tool to take care of that problem. When I first loaded it, I thought a lightning bolt.

    You model flowed fine, I was just thinking it would be bad if one of those scans didn't take for whatever reason. Especially when the stairs were that similar.

    So no misplaced scans or alignment issues? That is amazing in itself.

  • To be honest I'm disappointed with it from a viewing point of view, it's boring! But it's what the client wanted and he's happy so that's all that matters I guess.

    There are a couple of slight mismatched rails if you take the time to view all the way up and an unexpected guest, I think on the second level on one of the scans but I'm quite pleased with the results from the jobs point of view. I took 73 scans over the 7 floors, roughly every 3 or 4 steps.
    Could be doing a few more of these for the client who is the stairs manufacturer.

  • I looked for the misalignments and didn't see any but I knew there would be some.

    I didn't catch the guest!

    I had a scan last week that a dog was there. She liked me and followed me around for the first part but she got bored and sat in the middle of floor. I never mess with anyone's animals, so I just scanned around her! She is in several!

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