Pro2 WiFi Upgrade to 5 GHz

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We at Matterport have heard a few questions and some isolated issues about the WiFi in the new Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. In this post, we want to offer some background and offer some suggestions if you too have an issue.  


As you know, the Matterport camera has its own WiFi network that you connect your iPad to in order to scan. This network has two main functions:

  • Tell the camera to start scanning
  • Send data from a complete scan back to the iPad

The Pro2’s WiFi system is an upgrade from the Pro1. The Pro2 transmits data across the 5 GHz wireless band (specifications). This is different from the 2.4 GHz wireless band used by the Pro camera (specifications).

If you’ve ever setup a home WiFi network, you know that 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz are the two wireless bands reserved for consumer use. Most consumer electronics, including your WiFi router and your iPad, communicate across one of these two bands.

The abbreviation GHz refers to the frequency of the electromagnetic signal used by the electronic device. GHz stands for gigahertz and it means 1x10^9 hertz or 10^9 cycles per second.

With the higher frequency of 5 GHz compared to 2.4 GHz, the Matterport camera can transmit data at faster speeds. This is necessary since the Pro2 captures more 2D data (4K resolution), so it must transmit faster so the total transfer time is about the same. In fact, 5 GHZ is so much faster that despite transmitting even more data, we’ve shaved a few seconds off the total transfer time per scan.

However, the trade off is that the 5 GHz band has a shorter range and a harder time transmitting through walls, especially if the walls are thick or have metallic materials like steel beams.

Recently the Matterport Customer Success team has reports of a few Pro2 users who are having issues with the WiFi connection, such as a random disconnect, a disconnect if moving too far away, or an inability to connect. In some cases, this is the result of the upgrade to 5 GHz.


Fortunately, it’s very easy to correct the issue. Just connect to the camera as normal, and then walk behind the camera as it rotates/captures (just stay closer to the camera).

For big rooms like the living room, walk behind the camera. Don’t go across to the other side or to another room if you are encountering connectivity issues.

For small rooms like the bathroom, it is okay to be outside in the hallway but stay as close as possible.

Other strategies:

You can disconnect other appliances that can cause interference, such as WiFi routers, microwaves, baby monitors, garage door openers, etc. However, this is usually not necessary and more trouble than it’s worth.

Other Matterport users have found success making a connection between the camera and the iPad in a low interference area, then moving both the camera/tripod and iPad at the same time to the problem area, in order to keep the connection.



We here at Matterport are keeping a close eye on WiFi connectivity issues. The issues we have seen do not appear to be widespread, but we want to communicate these tips to you just in case you encounter anything.

Remember, you can always contact the Matterport customer success team and we’ll be happy to address your specific problem.

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