New features for Matterport Scenes: Cloud & Photoview

Since we launched Matterport Scenes in November 2016, our team has been pleased with what we’ve created and how it’s been received in the market.

If you’re a Pro or Pro2 camera owner, Matterport Scenes is a smartphone app for devices with the Google Tango platform.

With Matterport Scenes you can scan an object or a room, create a 3D model, and then take measurements on the scene. Learn more.

On the ecosystem side, we’re excited about the recent launch of a new Tango phone — the ASUS ZenFone AR —  in addition to the Lenovo Phab2 Pro.

On the Matterport side, we’re excited about the launch today of two big new features — Scenes Cloud and Photoview — that will revolutionize how you use Matterport Scenes.


Scenes Cloud

You can now upload your Scenes to With Scenes Cloud, anyone with the internet and a web browser can see what you’ve scanned — no Google Tango device required.

You can set your scenes to public for the entire world to see what you’ve scanned or unlisted for more private sharing.







Photoview changes the way you scan and view your scenes. While you’re scanning normally for 3D data (the point cloud), you can take 2D photos at key spots within the scene.

When viewing, your 2D photos will appear in a filmstrip at the bottom or the side of the screen. Just tap to move to that location in the scene. Measurements you make on the 3D data can appear on top of your 2D photos.

2D photos add valuable context to your 3D model. With Matterport Scenes, your 2D photos are deeply connected with your 3D models — no need to take photos with another app to describe the scene.


We're constantly improving Matterport Scenes. Please email us directly at with feedback or post on our community for everyone to comment. We love to hear how you're using it!






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