Equipment essentials for the Matterport camera

Wondering what kind of third-party equipment you need to use your camera?

One of the most common questions customers ask us at Matterport is “What kind of photography equipment should I purchase for my camera?”

Given the frequency with which this question comes up, we wanted to highlight the existing Help Center article which serves as an easy-to-reference guide to recommended camera equipment that will help you properly use your Matterport camera and produce quality scans.

This includes recommended guidelines for tripods, quick-release clamps, iPad carrying cases, and camera carrying cases. Through our own product research, we have also come up with a list of specific products we believe suit the needs of our photographers.

We are always looking to update and expand our list with the best equipment possible. If you have used our recommended equipment list, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the purchases you’ve made.

We’d also love to hear from you if you’ve bought equipment outside of our recommended list so that we can update ours!

-- Matterport-Kevin



  • I would suggest a self leveling clamp.

    Another thing that you don't know you need until you need it is door stops. I have used my phone before to keep a door opened.

    I bought a couple of bubble levels to stick on the top of the camera to glance and see if it is level.

  • @Justinv,  I can certainly understand the desire to make sure the camera is perfectly level before every scan, but I feel like you could save yourself so much time by just eyeballing it.  I just grab the camera's handle after adjusting the tripod and turn the camera 90° back and forth to see if it's roughly level.  The software is designed to compensate for some leveling issues with the camera.  I've even heard it can be off level by up to 17° and still look fine after it's processed, but I've never actually tested this out :)

    Generally speaking, because the camera is moving, unlike other cameras, we don't recommend any head that may increase the chance of additional wobble.

    That said, yes, door stops are also important to have.  Get a few from your local hardware store.  The ubiquitous, small, rubber kind should only be a couple dollars each.  


  • @amir

    First, welcome back to the community. I haven't seen you in awhile!

    I actually don't use one either but he was asking for suggestions. I do have friends that swear by them but like you, I am happy with just eyeballing it.

  • Thanks for the reminder about the reference article.  And as @justinv says, definitely get some door stops.  And don't use our wallet.  It can be a long drive back to the property.

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