Space statistics - inconsistent data?

I write down my stats every few days and today I've getting fewer unique visitors than I recorded previously for the same showcases - I have checked I'm on the 'lifetime' tab, the others appear to be ok, its the unique visitors which have reduced. For example on 1st august I had 103 unique visitors on one space, I now have 78. I know it isn't an error my end as I've recorded the figures for months and they were consistent.  Anyone else having this issue? 



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    Hi Sitimms,

    I conferred with the product manager that manages analytics and learned the following...

    Since Matterport first launched Space analytics in 2016 to enable customers to better track and measure engagement, we have been doing work behind-the-scenes to improve the analytics provided.

    As part of the behind-the-scenes changes we have been working on, we noticed that there was issue with how Unique Visitors was shown in Matterport Cloud for a percentage of Spaces. This issue added a marginal number of additional Unique Visitors.

    Our product team was able to fix the way the way Unique Visitors is calculated in Matterport Cloud. The difference was small and typically slightly less than what was present before it was corrected in most cases.

    That being said, the small difference you noticed was a result of this update. Our team will continue to improve the system so you may see slight updates in coming months. We'll be sure to keep you posted in the future if any key updates happen.


  • @Sibyl Chen Thanks for looking into this and for the update, this explains a few things and I'm glad I wasn't going crazy:) 

  • I noticed this issue myself on Monday night when I update my clients with their stats.  Can the numbers go up next time instead??  That will be easier to explain!!


    So the truth in the numbers I'm seeing:

    -75% of my models were affected (that I can see, the others might be too but it just wasn't enough to make them go negative)

    -The stats I've been sending to my clients were over reporting unique viewers by as little as 1.8% and as much as 12.2% with an average of 8.2%


    Is that what you're seeing @sitimms ?

    This is unfortunate as I charge my clients for providing this service (bundled with some other engagement reporting)...I will have some explaining to do...


  • @Josh, I don't know the exact figures now as I started correcting my own thinking I had written them down incorrectly myself and then thought - 'no I wouldn't have done that' and checked again. I just know that one had reduced by about 20%.

    I don't rely on figures like you yet as its early days but I use them to see the number of unique hits I'm getting as an indication after I make a particular marketing change (for example post on linkedin or twitter etc) so its misleading that the figures aren't true indications as we trust they are. 

    You know what they say 'there are lies, damned lies and statistics' LOL



  • Hi Sibyl, et al...I was just tearing my hair out running monthly statistics when I came across this post. Am settled down now :-)


    Quick additional question that I'm certain will come from clients (as we provide these numbers on a monthly basis): Is it ONLY unique visitors that are affected, or other figures as well?



  • Hi Sebastian,

    From what I recall, this only affected unique visitor stats, but I'll have to check to be certain. 

    - Amir

  • Yep, I could only confirm that it was unique visitors.  Those were the only numbers that went down for me.

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