Is there a way to leave the highlight reel enabled?

I'm finding the highlight reel is automatically hidden. Is there a way to enable it permanently or at least on every first load? 



  • Hi Sitimms,

    You should technically be able to enable the highlight reel and have it automatically appear.  Check out this article on our Help Center which explains how to do it.


  • @Sibyl Chen Hi that doesn't really help me, I can enable it in workshop and can see it on the showcase but it always has the arrow button and it's hidden until you press the arrow. Think of someone who's not used Matterport before who I will be sending my showcase to - they won't know the highlight reel is there. Am I missing something here?

  • @sitimms,

    Hi, You can have the highlight reel stay up by using a parameter in your shared link.  Add &hl=1 to the end of your link.  That will keep the highlight reel up until the visitor clicks the arrow button to minimize it. 

    You can find many more parameters like this one to help customize your visitors' experience here -

  • Thanks, Amir! I learned something new today. =) 


  • @matterport-Amir @Sibyl Chen Thanks, Yes I feel like I've learned something today too:) I was struggling with the iframe but then I understood it has to be at the end of the URL. I almost felt like a programmer then. What code do I need to place a virus to a client that won't pay?:)

  • @sitimms

    That is easy, you just make it private or upload again to get new url and delete the old one.

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