Scan a fair, a forum, a museum

Hi all, 

I would like to know if some of you have an experience about scanning a huge Fair or a forum, requesting certainly a long time.

How could I calculate the time to spend to do it ?

Thanks a lot 



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    In reference to your inquiry on scanning a large space. I have added below a  document that details best practices for scanning large spaces. You may also need to break your large space into a few smaller ones and use Mattertags to link them together. How to calculate the time depends on the actual size of the space and if it will be occupied during that time.
  • The Matterport Pro1 or Pro2 Camera is the tool you would use to create Spaces. 

  • Of course, but it was not my question sir . I'm a MSP

  • you can spend about 1 hour per 100 m2 if you go to detail and picture stop.


  • I think TrustedPhotoDC was pointing out that Matterport Scenes (this forum) is not the tool that you would use for such a big job. It's a Pro Camera project.

  • This totally depends on the complexity of the space and inventory - and also if there´s public audience maybe.

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