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We have been getting some referrals via the MSP network (which is great news) but we are not getting any feedback on our responses.  So far none of our responses have resulted in sales even although we have responded within minutes of receiving the email referral from Matterport.  It would be good to get some stats from Matterport to help us refine our communication.  How is Matterport getting their metrics for MSP responsiveness?  Are they asking the client for feedback?

Also, for one of the MSP referrals, I got feedback that an MSP in England had also been asked to contact the prospect by Matterport.  We are based in Edinburgh (as was the prospect) so I suspect that the range criteria that Matterport is using may need to be tweaked for markets like the UK.  I would suggest something that works using UK postal codes.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Have you also experienced this issue?

I would be delighted to collaborate with Matterport on the above.

Best Regards,

Gordon, CoFounder at Captured Realities




  • Hello from Switzerland!

    I have been using matterport for almost a year now and we are one of the first Swiss companies to have acquired it in the Geneva region.
    We enrolled in the MSP program, and like you, no business through this.
    The only solicitations that we have received (about 15 now) are actually acquaintances that start with the MSP and test the local search.
    For me, the platform is not yet developed enough / known here, and the conditions of addiction to the MSP much too simple.
    This may be detrimental to the image of matterport, as an example: an MSP in the region has no personal content on its website, or it is very strong because it scans the "air force one" and the "british museum" ! (= Matterport site)


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  • I've recently seen a nice uptick in useful referrals from Matterport. My experience with the program up until a few months ago was like yours. Infrequent referrals that never resulted in a sale. (Or even a returned phone call or email.)

    But in the last few months I've been getting more referrals and I've turned a good number of them into sales. Which reminds me that I need to call the last one I got again. He didn't reply to my voice mail and email, but that was a couple days ago so I need to try again.

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  • Hi Gordon,

    Response time when following up with referrals is key! Sounds like you're doing all the right things. We do ask the client for feedback after their matches in the form of a survey to determine responsiveness of MSP accounts and their decision on whether or not to purchase a service from the providers we connected them with.

    And regarding matching: we match the prospect with up to 3 of the closest MSPs based on proximity. This is based off of zip code data. So, if the prospect was in Edinburgh, it matched with you and then looked for the next two closest MSPs whose service radius worked within the distance from prospect zip code. 

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