Has Matterport bought out a UK MSP?

Hi Matterport,

There is a lot of online *Noise* regarding rumors that Matterport has bought out a large uk MSP. Could you please clarify your position on this for everyone.


Panoptic Motion



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    Dear Panoptic,

    Thanks for reaching out.  Correct, we only purchased Virtual Walkthrough, which has now been largely transformed into a sales and support hub for all of Europe. We have heard rumors from a few folks that we had made a recent acquisition in the UK or were attempting to do so.  That is a completely false rumor.  We cannot speak to the motivations of those spreading the rumors, but can confirm that they are unfounded.

    The specific rumor cited that Niche Communications had been acquired by Matterport.  In fact, Niche Communications has simply purchased cameras and a SaaS plan.  They announced this last year: http://www.nichecom.co.uk/matterport/.   We are pleased that such a mainstay of the UK property marketing industry has adopted our platform. They have their own plans for how they wish to market and price their offering and we have no involvement with them other than supporting the product and celebrating their success with the rollout.

    I hope that that clears the air.  If you have additional questions, or clarifications, please reach out.  

    Thank you,


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  •  @Matterport_Sibyl

    They are never using your company name in their URL are they?

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  • Hi @realtymedia - based on our branding guidelines, we prohibit the use of the word Matterport in the main URL where it appears that a company is representing themselves as a sub-entity of Matterport. For example: "www.niche.matterport.com" or "www.matterportunitedkingdom.com" is not compliant with our guidelines. However, we do allow MSPs to use their regular website domain with a backslash containing the word Matterport because that means they have a sub-page within their website hierarchy dedicated to their Matterport services offering. So www.nicheco.com/matterport is completely acceptable. Hope that helps clear up and confusion! 

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