How to control the 360 views rotation in the self guided tour?

Hello, I wanted to ask if there's a way to select the rotation of a 360 view to be clockwise or counterclockwise? I see in some cases this makes a difference in the way viewers engage with the model.



  • Hello,

    Currently there isn't a way to control what direction the 360 views pan on the highlight reel. I think this would be a great product suggestion!

    For a little more information on how the panning in highlight reels work: The 3D scans always pan in the direction of the next scan. So If I'm at snapshot 1 and snapshot 2 is to the right of my view then the camera will pan right on snapshot 1.


  • Has anything for this been updated? I have found that the direction is completely random, and most of the time goes in the direction opposite of what I am trying to display. And it does NOT always go in the direction of the next scan. Very frustrating! 

  • Very much requested feature.

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