Show Homes to Google Street View?

I understand that Google will only allow commercial and non-residential addresses to be posted to Street View. What about show homes? I have a developer who has 4 amazing show-homes, and I think it would be great for people who search their development on Google, to be able to see the 3D showrooms on Street View. Would this be possible? 



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    Hi Rick, et al. 

    Good question regarding whether show homes can be surfaced. Based on our prior conversations with Charles Armstrong, who is the Product Manager leading the charge on Google Street View, Google's perspective is "Google has a strict policy in favor of the privacy intentions of others. This includes prohibiting the publication of residential real estate and other publicly inaccessible spaces."  Technically a show home is not RRE or publicly inaccessble so it might be okay, however they generally want to steer away from spaces that are related to real estate.

    As for the status of Google Street View integration with Matterport, the PM leading the charge on this initiative at Matterport will be posting an update soon so stay tuned.

    @Rick, I'm sorry if there wasn't a response to your emails regarding the Google Street View beta. I will investigate and will make sure a proper update is sent to those that signed up for the beta.



  • Good question Boris. I'm interested in offering the same for developers.

  • As you are responsible for rights etc. I don´t think that Google cares.
    The more content - the better for Google. Therefore this should be possible.

    Maybe you can find specific information also in the Local Guides Pages:

  • When I upload to Google, it gives me a chance to edit a location's name. Maybe you could start the location and maybe tell them it is a public space like a clubhouse or something. I just don't know once it goes live, if you can go back in the future and take it back. I guess you could choose to edit the location again and make it private.

    I am sure the developer would not mind but the future home owner would!

  • I was registered as part of the Google street beta I never received any info, is the beta in place? I tried reaching out to Matterport and my emails where never replied to.  

  • @sibyl

    Thanks for stopping by and clearing that up!

  • @Sibyl-Chen


    Thanks for the reply. Will the PM be sending this update in the next several days? Weeks? 

  • Hi Boris, 

    Keep a look out for later today!


  • @Sibyl Chen

    I haven't seen any notification or update regarding Street View!

  • Thanks Justin!

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