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Is anyone else having issues getting a case from Tiger Pro? It's the only case recommended by Matterport - I placed my order 8 days ago and it still hasn't shipped. When I called the number this morning the voicemail also said it was "Tiger Scans". Perhaps Matterport needs to review their recommended product provider?



  • When I ordered ours last year it took a good two weeks before it shipped! Well worth the wait. The other option would be to order the Pelican case and cut the foam yourself.

  • Thank you Kevin!

  • Hello Deborah and thank you for your post.

    We strive for great customer service here at Tiger Pro and I want to personally apologize for the issue you are having with your order.

    Currently 90+% of our cases ship within 24-48 hours, however occasionally there is a slight delay in shipping when inventory is being replenished. This was the case with your order and the delay in shipping your case. We failed to communicate affectively to keep you up to date on your order and I am working to make sure this is handled more effectively in the future.

    We appreciate your order and I regret you having to wait for your case. We have sent you a personal email regarding your order with a small token of our appreciation.

    Please know that I am available for any further needs regarding your order.

    Thank you.

    Tiger Pro Cases

  • Chris,
    Thank you for reaching out and clarifying the situation. I appreciate your professionalism and will definitely order my next case from you (I just know I'm going to be adding more staff and that = more camera's and cases!).
    Kindest Regards,

  • Hi Chris, 

    Almost one year on from the above post and I'm hoping I will get the same response as Deborah. I ordered my case 6 weeks ago and there is no sign of it. Your website has been offline for a number of weeks and my emails are not being returned. Not a very satisfied customer right now :(

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