How do I scan hotel spaces where the rooms / floors are NOT connected?

This is a problem not just with hotel spaces but also restaurants, venues and facilities where the client wants rooms scanning on multiple floors.

Example 1: Bar / Restaurant

Public bar downstairs on ground floor and dining room not on first floor but second floor. I can scan the public areas and dining room but they do not want to represent the kitchens / stores / beer keg room / toilets. So I can scan the gound floor ok but when I scan the 2nd floor dining area, how will the 3D model replicate this?

Example 2: Student Accommodation block

Ground floor reception area with lounge room / games room / cinema and laundry will scan fine and look great. But the 3 rooms they have vacant and want to use as examples are up on the 4th and 5th floors and not adjacent to each other.

Is there any way of making some sort of compromise here with these examples or is it an impossible challenge for Matterport? I'm asking because I'm up against regular static DSLR 360 photographers that can replicate this sort of challenge easily. If there isn't a fix then we could certainly use one.

Any advice from anyone please?



  • I've scanned a hotel in Tanzania where all the rooms are separate buildings and the owners have just hosted them as separate models on their website.

    I did however scan another room they have that is a 3 story floating structure moored some 300m offshore in the reef in front of the hotel.

    The bedroom space is below the surface and is reached by a vertical ladder that I was unable to link to the sea level area in the conventional way so I have created a Mattertag link at both sea level and in the underwater room and used the specific point url to move between the two models and it works well.

    You could use the same technique to tag the rooms at the lift or stairwell door for example.

  • Thanks David. Your scan projects sound slightly more impressive than my student digs and bar / restaurant!


    The fix you are suggesting, with the greatest respect, is what I was hoping to avoid. In both cases the scans are in the same building and I was hoping to avoid three / four separate processing charges and associated hosting fees.


    In my opinion this represents a considerable weakness of the Matterport system and I would hope they could work out some sort of fix.


  • I wouldn't see that as a weakness to be fair any 3D model needs to be linked in someway so any system would have issues linking isolated scans where there is no continuity, even hand-built 360° tours use jump links.

    The hosting fees for the models are negligible in the great scheme of things and charging cost for the processing charges of the isolated rooms isn't unreasonable. That is what I did on the project above.

    I think that's the only solution here unless you created a trail of scans that you switched off but even then you'd have to be able to jump to the isolated rooms somehow.

    I think Mattertags are the only solution here.

  • Thanks David. Hear what you're saying about fees for separate models being negligible but I think it was more the transition delay & load times between multiple models was kind of clumsy in terms of the UX. 

    Navigating between separate photospheres on separate floors is straightforward when you can stitch each image using a 3rd party provider. Have a look at this Street View example at Denver Beer Company to demonstrate what I mean. I simply cannot replicate this simplicity with Matterport:

    Note the floor selector in the bottom right hand corner allowing you to jump around floors. This is exactly what I want to be able to do.

  •  I get where you're coming from but this is a different technology and we have to work within the boundaries of what is possible.

    I think the delay would be acceptable in the case of a single room loading.

    Look at my example here, click on the Mattertag link to move between models 

  • This is awesome David. And more importantly it's proved to me how negligible the delay is if you use URL transitioning between models.

  • "David Hothersall" Thanks for posting the link between areas. From the underwater room, how do you move back to the upper levels? I must have missed that. 



  • @Dale If you look up at the stairs in the Underwater room you'll see another Mattertag with a link that takes you back up to the sea level terrace :) 

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