[Newsletter] Customer Survey, colorized Mattertag™ Posts, and more!

Matterport wants YOUR feedback!

We recently released Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts, 360° Snapshots, and Teaser Videos. We'd like to know how useful you've found them, and what we can do to improve. We would appreciate you spending approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey. Thank you for your help and thoughtful feedback!

Introducing colorized Mattertag™ Post

We are very excited to bring a little splash of color to your Matterport Spaces with colorized Mattertag Posts. These were enabled to continue enriching our Mattertag ecosystem and to bring a little fun to the 3D Showcase experience. With Colorized Mattertag Posts, customers can now simply choose a different color for the tags to match their branding guidelines, or to groups tags by color, e.g. blue for photos, red for videos, green for links).  For AEC professionals, you can also use these as a communication or assignment tool, applying red tags for high priority notices and blue tags for those pending review.

This will enable customers to present even more cues in the Space in a fun and easy way.

To select a color for your Mattertag Post, simply choose the color in the color picker when creating a post for the first time. We hope you like them!


[Pro Tips] Taking Print-Ready 2D Snapshots

One of the most compelling features of the new Matterport Pro2 3D Camera is that you can take 2D Snapshots and download them in high-quality, 4K resolution to use in your printed marketing materials. See some examples of high-quality 2D Snapshots.

We’ve compiled a list of best practices you can employ to ‘up your game’ to take better quality Snapshots for your printed marketing campaigns. These tips are for both scanning while on-site and taking the Snapshot in Workshop after processing.

While you can’t replace the experience and creativity of a true photography professional, these basic guidelines can bring you up to speed.




CustomVR Default Settings Update

In the newest release of our Matterport VR app for Gear VR (version we will be changing the default app settings and disabling “Fly-Through” style navigation from point to point for CustomVR Spaces. Going forward, all VR Spaces will use the same “fade to black” style of navigation found with CoreVR unless the end user enables fly-through transitions for CustomVR Spaces in the Options Menu.

This change will only affect Spaces that have been manually converted to CustomVR. CoreVR Spaces will not see any differences.

To read more about this update, visit our Community.

Reminder: Cloud Downtime Today at 5pm-5:30pm PST

We will be updating Matterport Cloud on Wednesday, July 12th, starting at 5:00pm PST and ending at 5:30pm PST in order to add capacity to the system. During this update, you will still be able to view your Spaces in Cloud, but you will be unable to make changes to your existing Spaces in Cloud or Workshop. Any Spaces processed during this time will be delayed, but will eventually be uploaded. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Customer Support Webinar Series

Register for our customer webinar today to learn how to hit the ground running with your Matterport 3D solution. Topics will include camera and tripod setup, capturing your first Space, and editing Spaces in Workshop. There will also be a 30 minute live Q&A session, so register now to ask your questions live! This webinar will continue to be offered on the last Thursday of every month.



Marcus Freeman, Customer Success Engineer

Amir Frank, Customer Success Engineer



Thursday, July 27, 2017

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific




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