Website Design - Examples That Maximize the Impact of Matterport

Once you've invested in Matterport 3D Showcases for some or all of your properties, it's critical to update your website design to showcase the fact that you offer this cutting-edge service, and promote it as a key way to get more listing exposure - for you and your clients. While we see that many of our customers syndicate their virtual tour via their MLS or other IDXs, it's also important to make full use of your 3D marketing on your own website.

Below are a few examples of great (and simple!) ways to feature Matterport on your listing site so that you and your clients get the maximum benefit of your new marketing tool.

Feature it in your Main Site Navigation

The Judy Smith Team added a 3D Tours section to their main site navigation. This ensures that visitors to their site can see the 3D Tour option. Within that navigation, they've included all of their active, pending, and sold property listings that have 3D Tours. This ensures that clients who get tours have a bit of extra exposure on their site, and that they get the benefit of both their current listings as well as showcasing past listings that they have successfully sold.

Implementing this special site section via the main navigation also has the advantage of being relatively simple to execute - so it doesn't add a ton of development cost to your site. In most CMSs (like Wordpress), the user can add a navigation item and a few new pages themselves without going through a developer.

David Young & Co also maintain a dedicated 3D Gallery part of their website. One word of caution though - if you deal with clientele who are primarily mobile or who are on slow internet connections (e.g. in rural areas or overseas), you may want to avoid embedding many 3D Showcases on the same page. Having lots of 3D Showcases open all at once can make a page become sluggish and difficult to use on slower machines. We typically recommend having a gallery or index design - similar to - which draws prospects in but keeps each 3D Showcase embedded on its own page. (You'd have the same issues embedding lots of videos on a single page and then trying to play them all at once.)

Embed Listings in the Individual Property Page

On this listing, created by Keating Estates, they've also minimized their site re-development costs by putting the 3D Showcase in the same position as they would a video tour. As long as you're embedding your video tours with an iframe, you should be able to replace the video URL (like a YouTube or Vimeo URL) with your URL and have it successfully displayed. If your developer has already implemented desktop, tablet, and mobile themes, the 3D Showcase embed will typically resize automatically for your mobile visitors.

This also ensures that, if you're using video for some listings and 3D Showcase for some, you have an easy and flexible layout.

The key here is that they have the 3D Showcase embedded right on the listing page itself, instead of using a link that draws people off of your listing page. By embedding the tour within the listing page itself, you keep users on your listing page longer and maximize the chance that they'll make it to your lead form.

The Altman Brothers also do a great job of featuring the 3D Showcase for a listing front-and-center, right below their 2D photo carousel (example).

Put your 3D Tour in Your 2D Photo Carousel  uses this approach, and has had great results with Matterport across their site. They include a large 3D logo within their 2D photo carousel, right alongside map and video information. This makes it very easy for an online visitor to see all of the different visual assets that they have to explore.

It also helps maximize the usage gets out of every visual marketing package, because they're ensuring that all of their visual assets - photos, 3D, and video - are front-and-center on the page.

Mention it on your Seller Information Page

Most real estate agent or brokerage sites have a page dedicated to seller information and resources, designed to draw in more seller leads. It usually includes a lead capture form (critical), articles about features and investment profile of different neighborhoods, a home value calculator, and information about how that brokerage or agent differentiates their services.

Surprisingly, we see relatively few agents and brokers featuring their use of 3D tours and virtual reality on their seller page. This is a HUGE missed opportunity. Site visitors who are on your seller page are a highly qualified segment - they're in the consideration phase, probably searching for specific things that make agents in their area different.

This is a great time to let them know about the cutting-edge marketing package you'll use to sell their property faster, and attract more competing buyer offers.

Redfin does a great job of this - featuring their Redfin 3D Walkthrough service and a thorough promotional video right in their Selling with Redfin page. (These flythrough videos are super easy to create, and give you the opportunity to overlay voice over or shots of yourself discussing your complete marketing program.)

Create an additional filter for your listing index/gallery

The most seamless way to get extra mileage out of your 3D Showcases is to create a dedicated filter for your listing index. Just as prospective buyers might want to filter by properties that have photos or video, you can let them filter by only the listings that have a 3D tour.

This takes a bit more work, but will make your buyers' lives easier by letting them focus on properties that have the kind of information they want to see.

Use a 3D Badge does a great job of using a 3D badge that matches their own branding, while still standing out enough to catch the eye of a potential buyer or renter and direct them toward the most complete, impressive listings on your site.

This also has the advantage of clearly signaling to buyers and sellers that you actively use 3D and virtual reality technology in your marketing program on live listings.


I hope these examples and ideas give you some ideas on how to better utilize Matterport 3D Showcase on your own website. Feel free to comment with other ideas, or great examples of websites that use 3D in an innovative way!



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