Sales Pitch / White Paper Data


Is there one location that Matterport users can access all data pertaining to the benefits of the system?

For example, if I tell a broker that they will see increased visitor time on site, increased in leads, and decrease in time on market if they use my service, I need data to support that or I can't even bring it up in good conscience.  Right now I see things like that referenced in Matterport's sales pitch, but data is scattered.

I see some stuff spread around Matterport's site but I have to create a new sales lead in order to access it, and that's just one industry.  I already have the camera and cloud service, I don't need to create more leads in your system, ha ha.

The guys I deal with are all about data, they get approached with new gimmicks all the time.  With good data behind the product it sells itself.





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