Can a comments / notes section be added to the floor plan ordering form?

We have signed up a large Commercial RE company which wants to get floor plans for the spaces we scan.   Having the rooms labeled correctly is very important to the client.   The suggestion to me was that we need to go to Matterport Support prior to ordering ever floor plan and note that we need name of the floor plan to match the labels added in the workshop.  They then will / would make sure the floor plan group gets the message.

Is there any way to put a "notes" or "comments" section when ordering the floor plan?  It seems like it would be much more efficient from a time (and resource) perspective.




  • One option might be to put a matter tag in each room with the room description in the matter tag to tell whoever is responsible (human or program) exactly what wording to use to describe the room on the floor plan.

    I would suggest that, in the future, Matterport should allow the MSP to create a "special" type of matter tag just for this purpose such that it doesn't appear in the processed model but only appears inside of Workshop.

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  • The Workshop allows "labeling" of the rooms now. 

    Anyway, agree having a separate mattertag for such purpose may be useful. Or probably to "label" the rooms but these "labels" do not show in Public. 

    I would like to have the "notes / comments" section when ordering floor plans. 

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