Obj. Files and 3D

Has anyone tried using the obj. File for 3D software? I followed the directions as listed on Matterport support but it looks horrible. I feel like now I need more software that will convert it further and clean it up before I put it in 3D software. :( so far here is a video of what we were able to play around with but it still looks bad: 




  • Hi Kaye,

    Looks good! Not perfect but at least it is up and going. The refrigerator is shiny so I'm not surprised that looks bad. What 3D program are you using?

    What do you plan to do with it? Depending on your application we may be able to give you a higher resolution of the OBJ file. The one you are using is a downgraded version for the Dollhouse View. So it is optimized for performance, not to look good.

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  • Hello Kaye,

    Sorry, I was mistaken. The OBJ you download from my.matterport.com is the highest possible resolution we can give you.

    We actually take that version and then sample it down a little to make the Dollhouse View from 3D Showcase (the online web player for your spaces). 

    There is also a point cloud download (beta feature) for our architecture/engineering/construction customers.

    Learn more about Matterport OBJ files.

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