Matterport VR App: Option to login and provide basic custom spaces setup

I´m currently preparing our VR showcase for the Burda #DLDcampus event tomorrow and setting up our spaces in VR is really horrible.

For each space I had to ...

1. visit the website
2. press VR icon
3. put the mobile into to the VR Headset
4. load the space and then finally ...
5. remove the mobile from the headset and start again at step 1.

It would be very helpful if I could provide login data and maybe even a "showcase"-set with defined spaces which are automatically downloaded in the app like the default spaces provided by MP.

Cause it takes really a long time if I have 5-10 spaces and as me currently 8 devices (3 Daydream & 5 Samsung GearVR).

Hope there´s maybe a trick available to do this faster.



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  • Hello Marcus, 

    Thank you very much for the feedback.  I will be sure to pass it along to our VR Design team.  Long term, I can say, we plan on building a number of features that will make our VR app faster and easier to use. Better Space management tools one of them.  

    For now, the best way to transfer a large number of spaces is using VR Collections. In addition to the Help Center link you posted, I would also recommend checking out this blog post that I wrote earlier this year:


    Keith S. 

    Matterport VR

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  • Thanks Keith - I am aware of it and already used it at our showcase at the DLD Conference (#DLDcampus2017), but there still a lot disadvantages with the VR Collections as also in the VR Viewer App.

    Will provide detailed feedback directly to the VR team next week.

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