Pushing the limits -- Ideas for "Advanced Scanning Tips"

Hey guys,

While I know that real estate houses can be your "bread and butter", I really like seeing those spaces that are totally unique and really push the limit of what you can do with the camera. For example:

  • Tall ceilings (churches)
  • Dense spaces (ballrooms with lots of tables and chairs)
  • Empty spaces (large empty ballrooms)
  • Large spaces (lots of square feet and lots of scans)
  • Outdoors and semi-outdoors spaces (like villas and shopping malls)
  • Small spaces (submarines and tiny houses)

They're creative and cool in their own right, and are also good 'showcase' models to show your creativity, uniqueness, etc.

Are there any other edge cases I'm missing? I'm just brainstorming now. I plan on taking this list and plan on writing up some tutorials for advanced tips so we can share the knowledge :)



  • Hi @Matterport - Todd

    Here is an older space that I scanned. I scanned it at eye level then again at 12’ so I could get the tops of the trains & beam trusses. Tall tripods help a lot.



  • @les baker We were talking about the same thing with @davidhothersall about tall tripods a week or two ago, do you have any info on which one you used?  I spotted a big manfrotto light stand that I thought may have done the trick. Thanks

  • @sitimms

    Here are some links to the tripod system I use. The last link is for a Tripod Adapter I use on both. I have a construction background so it was natural for me to modify survey equipment to make a tall “affordable” tripod. Hope this helps.





  • @Les Baker Thanks so much for collating this info. You're a star!

  • @Matterport-Todd

    Here is a model of refurnished icebreaker touring Canada for the 150th Confederation anniversary. The project is called Canada C3- Coast to Coast to Coast


  • Hey guys, that looks awesome, thanks!

    @les-baker I like the train model. I think I've seen that one before. Did you know that once you get up to the higher level, when you click forward it will keep you at the high level? I wonder if there's someway visually we can show that there's two distinct heights. I mean, without some sort of obvious stairs or floors.

    That giant tripod looks amazing. But aren't you afraid that the camera will fall over?

    @exploraterra That ship looks humongous! Six floors ... do you recall how many scans and how many hours it took? Any other problems when you scanned such a big place? By the way, the small hallways and messy bedrooms remind me of my college dorm lol. 

  • @Matterport-Todd

    That would be an interesting feature. -As far as the tall tripods go, I never move it with the camera attached. I store the camera in my camera bag then setup the tripod, set the camera, raise/lower repeat. The risk is worth the reward. I also avoid windy days, and stay around 12’ with the Pro2.

  • @Matterport-Todd

    Hi Todd, it took over 370 sweeps on this one, and 16 hours to complete the acquisition but there was a lot of waiting after the crew moving stuff around


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