Video Teaser Access for 3rd Parties

The new video teasers are great.  In my use-case, I would find their ideal use for:

1) Automatic display using Ross Peterson's WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin

2) Automatic display using [my] Shortcode Gallery for Matterport Wordpress Plugin

3) Automatic display when sharing to Facebook as the thumbnail.

This would require that Matterport expose direct access to the video files, rather than requiring that the use login and manually download via Matterport Cloud.

Please consider doing this as it will:

1) Increase use of the videos

2) Empower 3rd parties

3) Impress people who see Matterport share links on Facebook -- thus selling more scans and cameras by influencing people even more.


I can understand that there might be a bit of concern about increased data usage.  With new features come a whole mess of new concerns - and I am sympathetic to that.



  • Good thoughts, Chris!  This is in line with some of the thinking we've been doing internally, too.

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  • Awesome! :)

    It's a bit OT, but as a 'rider' to this thought, how about a /thumb/ that is not 1920 x 1080 for 3rd party use too :)  The 'thumbnail' in the opengraph tags is massive and it's the only thing we can use.  I'm using a 3rd party resize/cache solution for my Wordpress plugin.

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