Experience with MP 3D models in Augmented Reality (AR) ??

Hi there,

Would very much like to know if anyone has worked with importing a MP dollhouse on top of a AR trigger image. Is there a fairly simple way to do this?

I would really like to hear about it as we are seeing growing interest on this in several branches.

Please let me know.




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  • We have not tested this yet, but can build AR Apps, so will give it a go and report back.  Theoretically, we can download the OBJ model file and use that straight in our AR app.


    But remember that AR is view from the outside and this system is aimed at view from the inside.

    The Dollhouse view uses a very cleaver algoritm to cull the back faces of the model as you spin around it, allowing you to 'see through' ceinings and side walls while letting you view forward facing walls.

    We will have to experiment to try and reproduce this.


    What should be possible is view from outside, but put a limit box around the ceilings / rook to view a 3D floorplan :-)



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