Starting a Matterport Business?

Hi guys!

My name is Andrew Raymond, and I'm the COO at WALKINTOUR. We're a Matterport Service Provider out of the SF Bay Area, and we're growing quickly!

We've found great success across the west coast, and have dialed in our business model, marketing, and infrastructure, so it's time to duplicate that success in other markets! Right now, we're looking for Matterport entrepreneurs across the nation to partner with to bring our unique approach nation-wide!

Are you thinking about launching a Matterport-based business, but don't know where to start?

Have you already started your business, but are having trouble getting to the next level?

You could be a perfect candidate!

We provide:
-Sales Tactics/Training
-3D Scan Training
-Extensive Business Infrastructure
-An exclusive, guaranteed territory (you won't be competing against other WALKINTOUR reps)
-Customer Service Staff
-Ongoing support
-Everything else you need to get your business rolling

I'd love to set aside some time to personally have a conversation with you about how we might be able to work together. Drop me a line at or reply to this thread, and we'll set aside some time to talk. Tell me a little bit about yourself, where you're at in your business, and where you're hoping to do business.



  • It would be nice to start a Matterport business, if only my main competitor wouldn't be Matterport itself.

    I get many e-mails showing how photographers can increase their revenues by xx%, and "Become a Matterport Service Provider", etc. But then sadly I also see how they market directly to whom I would want as clients (Realtors) with the repeating message of (paraphrased, but accurate) "You don't need to hire and pay a Service Provider, you can do this yourself! Buy our equipment and we'll show you how!".

    It's a competitive world, and a free and open marketplace, yes. But to have to compete directly with the same company that I'm paying to be in business with?

    No thank you.

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  • I agree with Mr Richard Summers" point. I also want to venture into Matterport business, but is Matterport going to be my competitor ?

    Seems no one has bothered to reply to Mr Richard Summers message of March 2018. 


    Curios .

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