Ability to let the public post their own tags inside of a model

I think that it would be quite useful to be able to let visitors to a model post their own tags within the model.

You would have to be able to give the client the ability to "approve" the tags that people post to their model but I don't see this as being a huge challenge.

The person doing the posting should also have to sign in with their Facebook or other social media account in order to post the tag.

I can see a lot of clients wanting the ability to engage with the visitors to their models and this would definitely give them that ability.



  • Hey!

    That's a cool idea. I passed it along to our PM team. Yes, you're right there'd have to be approval to guard against spam, etc.

    In this sense, it's more of a "social space" like a forum, chat room, or meeting area rather than something that people show off like a fancy home or museum. Very different from the original purpose of showing off something fancy, right?

    Have you heard of AltspaceVR? They are into the social VR space, which is really cool.

  • Hi Todd,

    Glad that you like my idea! :-)

    I thought I'd just mention that it might also be useful to allow visitors to create "private" posts that are only meant for their friends.

    While the person creates the post they would be given the opportunity to make it either a public or private post.

    If they choose private then the system would present them with a list of their friends to send out an invitation to come and visit the tag that they've created within the model. This would be analagous to sharing a post on your Facebook newsfeed with one or more of your friends.

    For private posts it would probably be a good idea to allow the user to select an expiry date (or never expire) for their post.

    I can definitely see people using this as a way to send out invites to their friends to show them things like possible locations inside of a bar or restaurant where they plan on meeting for a party...etc.

  • That's a VERY good idea.  This sort of community feedback is seen on SoundCloud.com.  

  • Circling back to this - still love it - hopefully the SDK will provide the ability to do this!

  • Thanks Chris ... I wish we knew if any of these suggestions are getting looked at by MP though!

  • @SSquires Matterport have expressed interest in releasing SDKs down the road.  It is my hopes that specific use cases like this can be explored by 3rd parties.  Sounds like a fun challenge that I might be interesting!

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