Stream of foreign language eMails 'from' Matterport

Good day

Over the weekend I received 15 emails supposedly from the MSP Network - with Kanji Charcaters, Arabic etc.  Many had a subject line containing the following: CAN2017 (B.E.I.N.G.A.R.D.E.R) Algerie Togo en (D.I.R.E.C.T.S.T.R.E.A.M). Others with mention on Mexico.

What was this all about?



  • Hi Simon,

    Thanks for your note and writing in. Yes, we saw this issue arise this weekend. When we migrated our Community platform to Zendesk, you no longer had to be a customer to post on our Community (although you still have to create a log-in).  That said, it seems there are some annoying spammers intent on posting. We are in the process of working with Zendesk to deal with this issue and hope to create a system to prevent spam on our site. 

    Massive apologeies to our community for having to receive spam in the past few days. I will keep everyone apprised as we resolve this as soon as possible. 


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  • I've received a load of them today!

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