Unable to continue scanning on an existing model

OK so I have scanned an interesting location. It is a greenhouse/conservatory. I have a lot of scans and it’s currently really cool but I am unable to continue scanning. I scanned this originally with an original Camera. I’m continuing with the newer Pro2 camera.  I’m positive this is not the issue because I’ve scanned other locations with both.  I have tried scanning new scans on this same floor within inches of each other and I get the error message that is attached to this post.  I talked to Marcus at matter port and he is also confused that I’m not able to continue. He suggested I delete some other scans in the area until I’m able to continue scanning. I was unable to try this due to the location opening to the public. I will have to wait and try this another day. 

 Marcus asked me to post here for some tips or suggestions from the community thank you for any feedback. 

 Here is the link to the current state: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=SMCJcmtbRmm



  • Perhaps you should post on the Matterport Official and unofficial Facebook Groups. We are more active there.

    Not sure if it works or if you still have the Pro 1. Have you tried rescanning using the Pro 1? Continue with the Pro 2 if it works on the Pro 1.

    Noted your last scan positions are around the entrance door area. As such, you should continue scanning from your last positions.

    I think it is important that nothing has changed since the last scan. Not sure if small things like the angle of the opened door, or water on the ground make any difference. 

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  • Also, if you have marked any of the doors and glass partitions as mirrors or windows, these markings should probably be exactly the same as your last scans too. For e.g. Did you mark them as windows/mirrors previously, and then removed the markings now to rescan?

    Lighting condition plays a part too. I had scanned a Space before during the day time once, and unable to continue scanning in the evening time. Need to move back to previous scan positions where lighting condition is exactly the same to continue. 

    Hope the above helps.


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  • Hi Jim,

    Based on what I see in Workshop and your capture app, I would recommend changing your window marking to be more like this. 


    The black arrows represent the inside arrows of the window marking.  This will prevent scans on one side of the glass from creating mesh on the opposite side of the glass.  Once you have everything scanned, if the markings were not there, visitors would be able to move through the glass.  This setup will prevent that and hopefully help with the crazy amount of reflected mesh that, I believe, is what's causing the no alignment error you're getting. 

    Hope that works out. 


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  • Thanks a bunch for the feedback. This post was not so much as I can't scan through those doors. I had another post in that area for that time period the beginning of October. This morning, I could not continue scanning anywhere. I was attempting to begin scanning again at both ends of the location up the stairs. But no matter where I scanned, even away from the stairs, high, low on the tripod, iPad reboot, Camera Reboot, App update, Firmware current on Camera, I was unable to do any more scans at all. I spent probably close to an hour trying to get a scan to align. The only thing that has changed is the glass area Amir is referring to. The night before last I was attempting to scan that area again because I could not continue through the door into the next room. Today I was trying a different area to get the project finished. Then I couldn't scan. I spoke with Marcus at Matterport and he was also confused.

    I've seen other similar models scanned with Matterport.

    Here is a link to an image outside the Crystal Bridge so you see what it looks like. 

    Also, If I tried to go back and fix the glass door area, I will delete the scans again in that hallway, and mark both sides of the glass as windows. What about the door? Can I have it closed for all the scans, then go back and scan again in front of the door and open it to walk through and continue? I've done this in homes before. But not this much glass.


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  • Jim,

    I added some window markings to your Space and reprocessed. In the Space prior to the window markings, you can see the mesh that was created in the lobby area. I believe this mesh was preventing you from scanning into that room. 

    Here is the mesh before any window markings were added:

    Here is the mesh after the window markings were added:

    See how it's no longer in the "lobby" area? 

    Here is the minimap showing where I placed the window markings. They are denoted by the blue lines (with the inside facing the hallway). Also, I'd suggest placing a mirror marking on the window to the left (as denoted by the green line). 

    -Dee J.

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  • With regards to your question on the door, you should keep the door open for ALL scans first. Once you completed all scans, then create a duplicate to play around with the door closed trick.

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