National Showcase for Matterport Models, Agents and Image Providers

I’m Curtis Clements a Matterport Service Provider in Kansas City. When I started as a MSP in 2016, I thought the way of showcasing properties deserved its own dedicated platform.  The VR model should be the main display rather than photos with a virtual tour link as a minor add on. A new technology needs a new national platform was our thinking.

With this in mind we created

This site is quite different than the traditional photo sales sites.  Beyond being VR centric, features include:

  • A gallery centric approach to Agent and Image Providers. Each agent gets a landing page with all of their properties with no limitation of published properties active and sold. The image provider gets a gallery to show off VR scans, drone, aerial videos, owner interviews, agent profile vides and photos. Example:
  • The property page itself can have up to four videos, a placeholder for 2D plans and a placeholder for photos. Here’s an example of an agent who has all of the elements on a property page:
  • Property page embed button, one push social media publish on FB, TW, LI.
  • Free for MSP’s one year! 3 free agent accounts for a year with unlimited properties per agent.

Interested? Email me or call and I can walk you through an account setup.


Curtis Clements





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