Buying a used Matterport Camera

 I am may be purchasing a used camera off someone I don't know (in person).  What should I look for? When I look at it is there a way to test it.  






  • Hey Adam,

    Did you buy the camera or are you still considering it? I can give you some more guidance if you're still thinking about it.

  • Todd, I am considering purchasing a Pro 2 from someone who has used it twice. It comes with a case and tripod. Would the manufacturers warranty convey with the camera? What would you suggest? 

    Thank you,


  • Hello Geof,  The warranty does not transfer from owner to owner unfortunately. As to testing the unit, if you or the individual who has the unit can run a Test scan (which constitutes 1 or 2 scan points in total) with an iPad and a current subscription to see if the unit uploads and operates properly. 

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