MatterTags need to have a way to only be visible from certain scan positions.

i am currently working on a scan where i have about 10 tags concentrated in one small space, and i really wish i could make it so the tags are only visible from certain scan positions instead of being visible all the time, which is creating more issues than anything.


in my experience there is hardly ever a situation where i want the tag viewable from EVERY SCAN SIGHT THATS IN LINE OF SIGHT OF THE TAG.

can you guys add a "viewable from scan" field in matter tags, which i can put stuff like: 33, 41, 50. or 31-50, and make it so the tags go away outside of those scans?



  • Fantastic idea

  • I agree, fantastic idea! 

  • I totally agree as well!

    The ability to place tags on layers that can be turned on and off would also be useful (as mentioned in a previous post).

    Another option would be the ability to have tags with embedded video to automatically appear and start playing their videos when the user moves to the nearest scan position (and is looking at the tag).

  • I don't know if would want the video to play automatically. But it would be great if the mattertags maybe auto expanded.

  • Hello Saabi,

    That's a good idea, but I also worry it would get too complicated for those users who have never used Mattertags.

    Here's some other strategies that might help out with your problem of lots of Mattertags in a dense location:

    • Condense to only the tags you really need. Use links and multimedia within mattertags to link out to more content.
    • Attach Mattertag to wall or ceiling, not just the floor
    • Shorten length of Mattertag stem, even down to 0.
    • Space the tags out to the rest of the model. Consider the space as a "storytelling medium" in the sense of a snaking path through a museum or a snaking path through a haunted house.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Just did a space with 100 metatags this would be a good feature.

  • @Todd - I think that you can see that there are a lot of MSP's who agree with this post. 

    Please listen to the feedback that we are sending in - I'm quite sure that it will make the product better and that we're not asking for these features unless we actually thought that they were worth having. 

  • Hello Todd,

    Those are good suggestions, but I also worry the clients would get fairly upset if i moved the tags from where they asked me to put them to the ceiling.

    Here are some ideas that might help out with implementing my suggestion without confusing new mattertag users:

    • Hide the scan range behind an "Advanced setting" button
    • Add "Not Required" next to the field for scan ranges
    • Make it completely unintuitive to reach, like the floor name changing.
    • Create a second "Advanced users" workshop that would have more in depth settings, this would be one, you could add also changing mattertag dot color, and other stuff in it.

    Hope this clarifies the issue :)

  • Hello everyone, has there been any update in this regard @Matterport -Tod? I know things aren't as easy as they same in plain sight.

    Nonetheless, I strongly agree with each and everyone of my SP pals. I'm into storytelling, it has been my job for most of the time so I must confess that, a bit naive, once I saw the Matterport and all it's functionalities before I bought it, always thought that Mattertags would be able to display or pop-up only in certain scan positions.

    Imagine, with all the Mattertags at the same time the user might feel overwhelmed as there is no particular order instructed, appearing while walking would be awesome!

    Agreed that some might get confused, thought the same as @Saabi Agassi's. The "Advanced" panel might do the trick.

    Crossing fingers to have this materialized sooner rather than later.

  • Yes, agree to have this implemented at the soonest.

    Attached is an example of too many mattertags that I feel has destroyed the beautiful space and virtual tour. Of course, if the client prefers to have all mattertags "turned on" at once, there can be an option for this. 

    Space from Matterport Gallery

  • That's a great example, lots of time went into that. How many tags if I may ask?

    I still think I may still win the most MatterTags per meter though. This was just over 100 tags, with titles hyperlinks and videos embedded in some.

  • Hey Jack, amazing space! May I sleep how many scans did you made for that?

    Dear Matterport Team, I have another idea, maybe configuring and tying each scan to "X" or" Y" Mattertag... maybe the best solution would be to automatically pop-up each and everyone one with proximity... example: (Turn on every Mattertag that is X meters away from the scan)

    That would be fantastic!

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