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A question from a client:


I did regular floor plans as well. But I think if I post that floor
plan to MLS as floor plans (as opposed to just posting them as a photo
as I've already done), then they become the *only* floor plan fed to
the other sites, so then they feed to Zillow as THE floor plan, and
then the 3D tour will not get posted to Zillow?... Do you know?
Basically I'm holding off on posting the floor plan because I would
prefer the 3D tour to be the "floor plan" that Zillow posts...

Me:  Does Zillow offer a place for floor plans vs. virtual tours and does the Matterport automatically feed into virtual tours from MLS?



  • @charlie abrahams

    My agents post them in the picture section.

    I am not sure about any company besides pulling the tours from MLS. With Zillow, my agents have to log in and add it manually. 

    I hope this helps. You might want to post on the Matterport official user group Facebook page. 

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  • Thanks Justin.  I'm surprised no one from Matterport actually monitors these posts and responds w the official company policy as they must deal with all of the companies and they should know.  

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