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Hi Everyone.  I am not sure if this question has been asked or suggestion posed before but I am creating a lot of walkthroughs for my clients now.  I walk through the model and take the snapshots in the order I wish for them to appear in the walkthrough.  I am increasingly frustrated though with the creation of the walkthrough.  It is time consuming dragging each snapshot down one at a time to include it in the walkthrough.  Is there a way to select multiple snapshots and put them down in the bar for including in the walkthrough?  Sometimes I will have 30+ snapshots and dragging each one takes a significant amount of time compared to if I could select all and drag down.


I like the ability to reoirder in the menu bar and even delet but having to pull down a snapshot at a time is very frustrating.  Could this be a product suggestion to improve the workflow of this feature?  I use it on every model I create.






  • Hi there David,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, and glad to hear you're making use of highlight reels and walk-throughs!  Fair criticism, too -- having a LOT of snapshots can make creating the reel a slow process.

    We're doing some re-thinking about how to make highlight reels and walk-throughs easier and faster, and this is great feedback.  As always, we can't say if/when changes will come out, but I can say it's on our radar as we look at ways to improve the overall workflow for users.




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  • i hope sometime soon matterport will allow us to change some things about walkthroughs, like have stop points, like we currently have where the camera stops and looks around, and have path points, which would indicate the scans you want the walkthrough to take from stop point to stop point. sometimes i end up with 10 minute walkthroughs simply because the camera stops and looks at each snapshot, but if i dont put the snapshot in then the walkthrough takes a path i dont want it to take to get to the next snapshot.

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  • Just a couple thoughts here- 1) For guided Highlight Reels - I'd like to be able to 'stop' the guided tour at the end of the '2nd from the end' slide, place the 'start position' as the last slide and have the viewer go to that scan point (w/o 're-walking' through the space to the start position.  I like the guided Reel and am always aware of where the viewer will stop.  Being able to 'teleport' to the start position would allow the guided tour to go in any direction through a space and still assure the viewer 'ends' in a good starting spot.

    2) Unless there is a specific reason/client request for a lot of slides, I keep my Reels to 8-10 slides.  The attention span of a viewer needs to be taken into account and with long tours i think it's likely a viewer doesn't either finish it or 'drifts' away mentally.  Also, I want to highlight only key features I get them into  'viewing & experiencing' the 3D relatively quickly. 

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