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Hi all - I've read the FAQ and some other posts on the subject, but I still have a question. I just did a HUGE job (9000sqft house) entirely of 360 Views. Only later did I realize that I have to have a 3d scan. I'd like to avoid having to go all the way back to the house (it's under construction still and kind of far) to do a single 3d scan. Theoretically, could I go home and do a single scan under that model and then disable or hide the scan so the client (builder) can only see the 360 Views?

The problem is that at a construction site, doing a virtual 3d walkthrough isn't feasible due to the limitations of the technology, so I told them 360s would be their best bet (they wanted to see the locations all the miles and miles of wiring and piping at the studs before they put the walls up so they could reference)

While we're at it, when will it be possible to upload 360s only? 



  • Hey there, 

    360 Views came a while after the 3D scans, so the system is set up to need 3D scans, but you can certainly do a 3D scan of any room just to be able to upload it. After it's uploaded and processed, you can take Snapshots (both 2D and 360) of the 360 views to then download them. You can also make a highlight reel, but that also requires the 3D scan. The trick to this is to take a Snapshot of that 3D scan while in Dollhouse view. Add that to the Highlight Reel, but then switch off the Dollhouse in Assets (switch is gray = off). The Snapshot of the 3D scan will then not be shown in the Showcase. 


  • Hi, i think you'll find that if you want a highlight reel to show off all the 360 images then this has to include a 3D scan point. I have done some 360 images before but only hosted them as one image where you can disable the scan point and upload the 360. 


    Just tried what Christine has suggested and it works a treat!!

  • I will try this, but I'm wondering how the processing server will handle 171 of these 360 Views. I want them to be easily viewable also, and I know I will have to download them to make this possible, right? Via a 3rd party host?

  • How do I show just the highlight reel? I want the client to be able to view each 360 individually, but for right now it only shows the 360 that is the start location.

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