WebGL Crashing Workshop

Hello everyone!  I recently started uploading my first models (of significant size) using my new Pro2 scanning equipment, and I must say that the process of generating snapshots, creating highlight reels, adding Mattertag Posts, etc. has been an absolute nightmare.

I've tried using Workshop using both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers (my system and browsers meet all recommended settings found here: https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003911247-Workshop-System-Requirements), and Workshop crashes ALL...THE...TIME:

- Loading Workshop for the first time (crash)
- Taking a snapshot inside the model (crash)
- Adding a Mattertag Post (crash)
- Renaming snapshots (crash)

I had four larger models I needed to work on this week, and between the four models, I'll bet Workshop crashed on me over 75 times...with it taking me over 12-13 hours just to collectively produce about 35-40 snapshots, roughly ten Mattertag Posts, and four Highlight Reels.  TERRIBLE.

Google Chrome would tell me that WebGL was crashing, and that I needed to reload the page (back to the Model's page in my Spaces list, outside of Workshop).  Microsoft Edge would just hang/crash.  One time my entire Windows 10 system froze...to the point where I lost the ability to see my mouse on screen and needed to do a hard re-boot of the computer.  Something that has happened to my system MAYBE 2-3 times (total) in 3-4 years.

I never had 5-10% as many problems editing models in Workshop with my Pro footage.  And it is *SO* bad right now that I am almost reluctant to do any more Matterport work with my Pro2 until Matterport can:

1. Tell me why said BRUTAL Workshop performance is occurring, and
2. Tell me they are working to fix the problem, or tell me/us how to fix said problem locally. 

Again, I am running a 64-bit system with Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100, and Microsoft Edge 40.15063.674.0.  With a 3.40 GHz processor and 16 GB of RAM.  A big rig.  Yet Workshop coughs, wheezes and sputters...with me knowing about 1/3-2/3 of the time I try and launch Workshop and do anything?  It will fail/crash.

Not cool.  :-(



  • @derek tonn

    How big is your model?

    I have experienced this before and this worked for me. Go down to the second to last comment from @chrisandkaren mang. Looking at these settings corrected mine about 7 months ago.


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  • Thanks Justin!  WebGL2.0 is set to "Default" in my Chrome settings.  I have never adjusted these settings in the browser.  I also checked and I do have the most current video drivers for the computer.  

    The models are large...175-200+ scan positions.  Public schools...much larger than a single family home!  Matterport recommends keeping models under 200 scan positions.  But even when my models have crept up closer to ~250 scan positions in the past (Pro unit, versus the Pro2), I had zero issues with them in Workshop once they made it through Matterport's processing work.

    I assume a big part of the issue is the higher resolution of the scans/footage in the Pro2.  For example, on a smaller model I developed recently (no problems with Workshop), 11 snapshots are a total of 18.5 MB in size.  Applying some lossless batch optimization techniques to said imagery makes those same images (same dimensions, same DPI/PPI, same clarity and color quality) total 13.6 MB in size.  An improvement of 26+ percent. 

    I'm not sure what types of lossless image optimization procedures are being utilized when generating said output.  But if it is the weight of the models that are in-part causing Workshop to crash?  It would be great if we could put some of the imagery "on a diet."  Build some of that into the back end.  So long as the quality of said imagery is not compromised.  Just about every PNG, SVG, JPG, et al you might see on your screen right now is larger (file size) than it needs to be.  It's amazing the petabytes of bandwidth that are wasted as a result.  :-(

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  • Are you on the Facebook group(Matterport official user group)? There are more people over there and most people get notifications on new post.

    Have you tried to edit a large pro1 model to see if it crashes? What is your video card memory?


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  • Hi Justin!

    I checked a few minutes ago, and I do have the most current video driver version available for my computer, via Intel.  I also have previously updated a dozen or two large (150-200+ scan positions) models in Workshop that I had scanned with the Pro unit...and Workshop never crashed on me in Chrome or Edge.

    As to video card memory:

    Total Available Graphics Memory: 1824 MB
    Dedicated Video Memory: 128 MB
    System Video Memory: 0 MB
    Shared System Memory: 1696 MB

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  • On the link you provided, the video card requirements suggest 4gb. I think that is probably the issue but hopefully someone else will chime in.

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  • Hmm...did the Video Memory requirements increase with the release of the Pro2?  Maybe it was that way with the Pro as well.  But like I said, I had models with 250+ scan positions using the Pro equipment, and my browsers (WebGL) never crashed once.

    I've also noticed other subtle differences with the Pro2 as well...such as needing to re-charge both my iPad and the Pro2 unit noticeably more frequently.  I suppose it makes sense...since we are pushing so much more visual information "through the pipe" (the Internet is a series of tubes?!  Ha!).  But the time I've saved shaving about 5 seconds off per scan position in my field work, I've given back (with interest) via standing around waiting for my iPad and Pro2 to re-charge.  ;-)

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  • I have noticed my iPads battery running down lately. I just figured because I have used it a lot and the battery isn't as good as it once was!

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  • These day 16GB of memory isn't a lot I have 64GBs of memory and rarely have issues.
    While Windows is much better with Memory Management these days I'd guess 50% of your memory is in use before you start so you're not leaving yourself a lot of headroom.

    WebGL issues aside it might be worth checking your memory usage. Typing Resmon or even just reviewing your memory usage in Task Manager may flag up some programs that start in boot that you don't need. Background programs like Office Starter, Adobe Creative and Apple monitors for example are not essential and can hog memory.

    Memory is cheap enough now to just max out and it solves a lot of issues like this (assuming your Motherboard can support extra)

    With regards to the need to have 4GB of memory on the GPU I'd image that can be avoided by forcing software rendering rather than GPU, it'll be slower but will probably avoid crashing issues due to lack of memory until you have a GPU with 4GB memory.

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