Matterport Pro2 Jaggies don't go away

I have been looking at the new Matterport Pro2 Camera comparison on the announcement page and I have a few questions.


1) Will Matterport be doing a promo page and video for MSPs like they did for real estate agents?  It would be wonderful to see the promotion for agents to reach out to MSPs.

2) As I look at the comparison between the house shot with the Pro and the Pro2 I was hoping to see less jaggies around stair rails and doorways but it looks like they will still be with us.  The scan spots are not identical but it looks like the same jaggie issue exists for both cameras.  

3)The main difference I see in the showcase is that the Pro2 is brighter - is that something that could be corrected in a firmware update for those who are going to keep the Pro for awhile?



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  • I hope they will have the ability to do a software upgrade to the old camera to enable a portable GPS unit via Bluetooth, or even get a GPS reading from the iPad when you hit "scan" 

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