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While Matterport has linked to a list of providers for use in Multimedia MatterTags, I've noticed that yesterday, the way that images and videos appear was slightly tweaked.

Would Matterport consider writing documentation for Multimedia Mattertags including spotlighting how embedding the most common media types work (Images, Videos, Matterport Tours).

In addition, I cannot embed another Matterport tour with &start or &qs parameters.  I would love to be able to link to 360 Views with a non-branded interface as I personally find travelling to a 360 View confusing for customers and the image quality is usually lower than the images within the model.  Perhaps Matterport's oEmbed structure needs to be revised to include parameters.  Re:




  • Hello Chris,

    I can see how being able to use parameters in Multimedia Mattertags would be useful. I'll be sure to pass it along.

    I'll also be reaching out to our Technical Writer so he can take a look at our documentation.

    You mentioned that you noticed that the images and videos are slightly tweaked. Could you elaborate on how they've been tweaked?


  • @maddy - When you click an image to make it fullscreen, it seems larger and it's now responsive.  Videos don't autostart anymore and I believe they did initially.

  • Thanks for the details Chris!

    I've brought both to the attention of the development team. For the fullscreen image part we switched from needing to double click to go full screen to just needing to single click.

    They are also looking into possibilities for having videos autostart when you click on them the first time (currently we just restart the video automatically if you've already clicked on the video).

    Let me know if you have other questions!


  • Thanks, Maddy -

    As with all of the features available to us today, Matterport really knocked it out of the park with this one.  I just honestly believe that this feature needs much more documentation for the end users -- ideas, inspirations, etc.  Using as the service provider for all but images was a great choice -- but so many options!

  • Maddy,

    I just need some clarification. We thought videos used to autoplay when we hovered over the Mattertag. Was this changed? Because now we see a play button the first time we hover over the Mattertag, and then it autoplays the second time we hover. 

    On a related note, do we have more control if we create an account?


  • I created a video MTag yesterday and the first time I viewed it the video didn't auto start and had to click on it.  The 2nd/3rd times I viewed it, it did auto start.

  • Hello Phil,

    William is correct about the current behavior. I have let the development team know and they may adjust that behavior in the future.


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