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I have a client that I did a Matterport tour of the rental house that they are going to rent on VRBO. I am having trouble finding how to embed the tour onto the VRBO listing. Client said VRBO site is asking for a Youtube url. 

Does anyone know how to embed a Matterport tour onto a VRBO Site? I would have to guess there are already some Matterport tours on VRBO. 





  • I'm interested in this as well. I actually contacted VRBO to see if they would accept tours. Their only reply was a standard "how to settle disputes" email.

  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks for bringing this up! I'll be sure to bring up VRBO with the Travel and Hospitality team so they are aware of the desire here.


  • I have had discussions with Air BnB and working on getting information from Home Away and VRBO with no luck yet.   Air BnB will not allow external links at this point - they are afraid they will get cut out of the rental deal.

  • Maddy,

    Based on your statement, the Matterport tour cannot be embedded into a VRBO site? Is that how I understand it? Is there another way for the client to include the Matterport tour on their VRBO site?



  • @marc We don't have anything official yet. I know that we continue to engage and make progress with all members of the vacation rental community. The partnerships can take a long time to make and we only announce once they are official. We'll be sure to keep folks up to date on anything new!

    If VRBO allows external links you can always link out to your showcase but I'm not sure if they do.


  • Hi Maddy, Thanks for getting back to me on ability to embed Matterport tours onto the VRBO site. I was able to find a few VRBO listings with Matterport tours but the tour had to be part of the description of the property with the Matterport link to access the tour. You then had to copy and paste the link into a browser to access the tour. I look forward to VRBO and Matterport  working together soon. A Matterport tour is so much better than a video tour.


  • This is an area that can't be addressed soon enough. I understand that VRBO wants to prevent a link for taking a client outside of their site for fear of losing the booking however, I don't understand why they won't allow an embedded showcase. Gotta work something ut - there is a ton of opportunity for MSP's Worldwide.

  • I agree with Phil. This is a market that I believe is ripe with potential. 

  • It seems that the rental brokers' concerns are external linking and branding. Isn't that addressed with the unbranded embed? There is only a description and address in the about panel and no calls to action anywhere. Even the Terms and Help links in the bottom right keep within the tour window. Even using the link to open in another tab or window doesn't let the user go anywhere else unless they intentionally leave. If that's the case, the broker lost the sale on their own. However, the instant connection with their next vacation might just lock in the sale. Seems like a no-brainer to all of us providers.

    It would also not be difficult for the broker sites to dictate how a virtual tour is embedded. The owner or management company could add the link to the appropriate field (like they do with the YouTube links) without parameters and the developers have the parameters ( i.e. &brand=0) hard coded.

    Is there any way for providers to keep tabs on these hopeful partnerships before they are official? Hard to know if it would be wasted time and resources to go after this type of client.

  • As an FYI,.. Matterport tours are now integrated!!!



  • I see a tour on VRBO but.. how do I get mine there.

    I want to reach out to local VRBO vacation owners.. is there a process for them to give VRBO the embedded codes or do they put them in themselves?

  • I see the https://www.vrbo.com/918335 but how did they do it I still cant work out how they did it?


  • A colleague contacted VRBO and they are still in test phase for a few select customers...  maybe next year.


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