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How do you embed the Matterport tour onto a VRBO listing? Client said VRBO is asking for the tour to be in a YouTube format. 





  • Matterport Scenes does not create 3D tours – that's our Pro Camera's job!

    I suggest that you look at these topics for a solution: https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=video&commit=Search

  • I don't want to convert the tour to a video. Trying to embed the Matterport tour onto a VRBO listing. Client says that VRBO is asking for a YouTube url. If that makes any sense. 


  • Again, this is the Matterport Scenes forum; it's not focused on Pro Camera issues. I suggest you post your question here: https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000393367-MSP-Network

    There may be Matterport MSPs who have experience with this.

  • Thanks Mark.

    I am still confused by your comment. I used my Matterport camera to create the tour. Not sure what you mean by Pro Camera. When I think of Pro camera I think of Nikon. That is what I use for still photos. Does that make sense?

    I will try the other link you sent. I thought there was only one community. 

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Marc

    The Matterport Pro 3D Camera is what you are using to create your tour. The Help link I sent you should enable you to get assistance for this.

    This forum is for Matterport Scenes, the mobile 3D capture product for Android phones equipped with Google's Tango technology. Scenes is not used to create 3D tours...that's the Pro 3D Camera's job.

    Hope this clarifies things.


  • Still no answer for this?

    Marc's question was crystal clear... but let me see if I can make it simpler for "support" to understand:

    How do I put a Matterport web address / URL into a VRBO listing, so that VRBO customers can view the tour?

    -or, even simpler-

    How can potential VRBO renters see my Matterport model?

    (Matterport "support" - if you still aren't able to grasp this simple idea, do not respond - just close this thread.)

  • Dave - 
    You aren't going to get an answer for this question on this Matterport Scenes forum section. We don't do support here for Pro Camera and Showcase issues. Sorry.

    Could you or Marc please post your question on the general support section of the forum, where it will be seen by the appropriate people?


  • Hi Dave,

    It looks like Marc posted in a different forum already. Here's the tread where the issue is discussed: https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115007937868-VRBO-listing


  • @Maddy - YOU get brownie points for actually giving good customer service. YOU obviously understand how to help customers.

    *PLEASE*, educate your co-workers on how to give good customer service. Specifically, rather than just dumping customers by telling them to post in another forum, do what you did, and link to something helpful.

    Also, please make sure that your boss/supervisor/whoever is made aware of your skills here.

    Let's hope your other co-workers actually do learn something from you.

  • All support comments aside, I am a VRBO owner as well, the issue presented here is NOT a Matterport issue, but a VRBO issue, so ask VRBO/HomeAway to update their systems to handle and manage this new way of showing our property.


  • We too have VRBO listing and you cannot embed or link to Matterport scene directly. We made video and inserted that, I agree with Danny - more inquires to VRBO and they may eventually consider it.



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