Highlight Reel - Bad Time Line

 When a user creates a Highlight Reel and begins to drag and drop the snapshots into the time line I feel I've transported to the dark ages as I watch the pics slowly slide to the left when dropping from the far right because I'm out of space and need the timeline to shift to the left. Instead of a line maybe a large square with spaces to fill from left to right top to bottom. 


Please upgrade this to either move faster or redesign from ground up. 

Even if we can simply click to select the images in the order we want then import all would work. 




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  • Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the suggestion.  What if there would just be a highlight sized opening at the very left at all time so you can drop the next highlight there.  Once you've dropped it in, then more space would appear. 

    That way you don't have to wait for the space to appear as you're hovering over the reel's timeline. 

    May be easier than a complete overhaul and if it serves the purpose, could work out fine. 

    Let me know what you think and if that will work for you. 



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