Weird tearing/distortions ruining the overall quality

I've been noticing lately that the corners and edges of things can look really, really bad in parts of the showcase. It's especially obvious when you have two perpendicular lines/edges, you'll often notice a weird 'tear'. I did a house yesterday and some of the distortions are so bad it basically ruined the whole experience for my client. 

What can be done to minimize or even eliminate these distortions? I'm trying to stay away from objects but sometimes doors and hallways are just not our friends and I end up too close to a wall or other object. Is this just the reality of our platform that we're going to get messy scans? The Pro2 resolution is making them SUPER obvious. 

Any help would be appreciated. 




  • Hi @Travis G  In viewing your scan it looks to me there is minimal distortion except in the area of the kithen with the closed, then open door to the lower level.  When we create 'movement' such as open/shut doors, we also create an area for distortion.  While it aligns fine, and after processing we can navigate ok, the data of the open door is in the model.   Scans that share the same overlapping data are more likely to have some additional distortion due to trying to align to a door that they 'see' is in two different positions. 

  • @travis g

    I agree with@william Robinson that the scan to me looks pretty good.

    One thing I noticed, in the top bedroom with 1/2 bath, you cannot go back out in hall. I would go back and make sure all mirrors and window markings are in the correct places. When you walk into the room, you can see mesh coming from somewhere? You can also use mesh mode in workshop to help trouble shoot where it is coming from. Hopefully you can use the trim tool trick but not sure if it will work because you can see the scan circles on other side.

    I have a video on how to do trim tool trick if you need it, just let me know.

  • Thanks for the feedback! I found out that it was being caused by the reflection of the "C'est la Vie!" art bouncing off the door when I moved it to get behind it for coverage. You can kinda see it on the dollhouse it's a circular reflection on one of the last scans I took at a low angle for the photos.

    The updated tour is here and looks better, but there's still a substantial amount of tearing on certain edges. I will try the trick where you face it towards the closest object to minimize that effect.  

  • I cannot see the model but I am glad you got it worked out. I didn't know if you walk the entire model because I usually don't!

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