Scanning problem (table in livingroom)

Hello Matterport support team ! We are facing a problem and we don't know how to solve it byorselves so we need you on this : 

--> we scanned a big villa in Spain and the huge dining table is not well scanned , its not geometric on the floorplan even if we made a lot of scans around it it looks like the software saw 2 tables or something like that. 

Here is the link of the visit : 

This is a huge details in order to deliver the best quality to our customers. 

Thanks by advance



  • I cannot see your tour. Is it public?

    If there are two tables, then there is an alignment issue. I had a swimming pool do this once.

    Was it dark or in full sunlight?

    You might try to make a duplicate model in capture app and try to figure out where it went wrong. Use the preview button to see if you can figure it out.

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  • If you haven't yet, I also recommend re-processing the model.  But @justincolbyvaughn is right on.  You can make several duplicates and remove one nearby scan point from each one and process.  Also, you might be able to see the minimap change and identify the bad scan point(s)

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