Circle Brewing Co

Venturing out from personal R.E. into commercial spaces. Had an opportunity to 3D photograph this small brewery in Austin, Texas, with great results. Fun place to cover, with it's many angles and curves, open spaces, many colors, clean industrial atmosphere, and, super nice people. Had lots of fun with the challenges of making a great walk Brewing Co




  • Very cool, @tomrhansson! Can you post a link to the Space? We'd love to see it!

    Also, if you have the time, tell us more about the Capture process! What was easy, what was hard, any stories you can share?

    If you need inspiration, check this out! Can't wait to see more!

  • Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to go back into it and edit. Tried yesterday to add the link, in ts proper location, and thought I had it. When I saved the entry, it wasn't there.

  • Looks like a cool space to scan.

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