MSP Marketing Materials

Our company has been a MSP since last summer. Over the months I have created and fine tuned co-branded (Matterport and Perspective 3-D) industry specific presentation/pricing sheets that I use in my presentations to gain new clients. I have 15 industry specific pages (with more to come), 2 staging sheets, a flyer template that you co-brand with your realtor clients to give them to use in conjunction with the Matterport APP, company brochure, a fact sheet that includes expectations/policies, and an email presentation PDF that I use to send out blast emails to agents (contains an active Matterport video and custom model sample). There are 21 Sheets in all that I customize with your logo and basic pricing model (if desired). I include your logo, a sample model link for the email PDF and your contact information. I will also take into consideration any language or wording you would want changed. It is all branded with Matterport logos and talking points along with your company logo and tag line.

I have a package that is specific to Real Estate only for $75 (includes Real estate presentation page, email presentation, company brochure, staging and fact sheets) and a full package for $140 (includes everything). My price is based on how much time it takes me to complete a job. If you are interested, please email me at srennick@perspective and I will set you up with instructions.




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