NEW: Drive traffic to your website with social sharing!

Social media provides an excellent way to distribute media, with nearly 2 billion Facebook users and another 300 million Twitter users.

Today, we’re pleased to announce social sharing. Now, anyone viewing your public Matterport Space can quickly and easily share that Space on social media.

This means more impressions, more engagement, as users spend more time in your Spaces.

Even better, Matterport gives you a way to direct users back to your or your client’s website, right from 3D Showcase.

This feature is available NOW, and has been automatically enabled for all branded, public Spaces! (If you’d like to turn it off for some or all of your Spaces, you have that ability too -- read on.)

We’re very excited about this, and believe it will help you build your business.


  • Showcase Sharing allows anyone to share a Space via social media, with Facebook and Twitter included. We’ll be adding more platforms soon.
  • Want users to contact you, fill out a form, or visit a website after viewing the Space? Use the URL field to direct traffic to a website of your choice.
  • Together, this allows you to reach and engage with a larger audience with greater ease.
  • Because social sharing only shows in the branded, public version of Spaces, you’ll stay MLS-compliant.
  • Want to use your own social sharing tools, or control exactly which Spaces can be shared? With account-level and Space-level permission, you’re in control!

How do I use it? (

  • Account administrators can enable or disable sharing on all Spaces by default, in the Model Settings page. The default is enabled.
  • Users with Editor privileges on a Space can enable or disable sharing on each Space.
  • Users with Editor privileges on a Space can set the URL shown in the Space.

What’s next?

This is just the first step in social sharing, and serves as a foundation as we develop more ways for users to learn about and engage with your Spaces! Stay tuned...



  • Love it! Thanks for the update @Matterport-Scott!

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  • >Users with Editor privileges on a Space can set the URL shown in the Space.

    Where is the URL I enter used?
    It´s still sharing only URL´s - I want to share my website URL.

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  • Hello Marcus,

    The space will still have the URL but you can also put your website or a website of your choosing as something you can link out to. That would be displayed here: 

    The support documentation above will show you how to add that link.



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  • I don´t want it hidden in the top left where nobody finds/see´s it, especially not when it´s closed. Ever made any user tests?

    I need it there, where everybody is seeing & using it:
    in the "Share this Space" overlay

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  • Besides the "learn more" sounds like the URL given is for a help page.
    How can I change this wording?

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