Matterport congratulates Paolo Tosolini!

In 2015 when Matterport committed to launching a Gallery of the best Matterport Spaces, I was tasked with curating some of the most unique and fascinating models. At the time, I didn't know who Paolo Tosolini was, but it took no time at all before I became acquainted with his work.

Since the Matterport Gallery first launched, our team has been continually impressed and floored by the work by members from our community. Capturing a space comes with various challenges: they can be technically difficult to capture, hard to access, difficult to shoot when the lighting is right, located in distant places.

Seeing the artistry and attention to detail with which Paolo has endeavored to scan Spaces has been genuinely inspiring. He has transported people all over the world from Air Force One, to a Chinese temple in Beijing, to the Undulator Hall at Fermi, a French village in Cote D'Azur... the list goes on. Every model I have seen from Paolo has always elicited a jaw drop and a WOW!

Congratulations @paolo Tosolini for earning the title of MSP of the Year for the 2017 Matty Awards!! The award is well deserved indeed. Your impressive work continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with Matterport's technology. We LOVE your work and we really appreciate all the support and advice you share with our Community. THANK YOU!!


ps - Paolo shares a few words with the Matterport community in this video:



  • Hooray @Paolo! Great article @Sibyl!

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  • Yes, congratulations Paolo and well said Sibyl! I agree!

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