[Newsletter] Win more business by embedding videos, audio, and more in 3D Showcase!

Embed video, audio, and more in 3D Showcase!

Better storytelling. Higher engagement.

Ever wanted to add music, video, or photos to your Matterport Spaces? Now you can! Thanks to our partnership with Embedly, you can now embed anything from videos, music, photos, products, affiliate links, and more - no uploads required. Engage your clients and generate additional revenue by offering something no one else in the market can provide. For more ideas on how to leverage this service to win more business, see some exciting use cases on our blog.

See a few of Embedly’s 400 content partners below:

Want to know more? Read our frequently asked questions below:

[Multimedia Mattertag Posts]

We hope you enjoy the feature. Let us know what you think in the Matterport Community! If you have trouble, you can always contact us at

Matterport-Approved Camera Cases

Are you looking for a new carrying case for your Matterport Pro Camera? Consider the Matterport Tiger-Mini 2300 case from Tiger Pro Cases. It’s small, durable, and includes custom-designed foam for the Pro 3D Camera. Our team has tested and approved of this case, so be sure to check it out!

Customer Support Webinar: Week One with Matterport

Register for our first Customer Support Webinar, designed to help new customers hit the ground running. Sign up now and get your questions answered during our live Q&A at the end. The webinar will be at 11am on May 4th, 2017.




  • GREAT implementation -- LOVE seeing embraced! So happy that everyone can experience this!

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  • Best day EVER! Thank you Matterport!

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  • FANTASTIC!!!! THANKS for new opportunities!!

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  • Great stuff! Thank you for doing this. It's a big step! Any chance you can tell me how to do it? When I use and create a card, the embed link it gives me isn't recognised by Matterport. Also, with your "partnership", what offer do we get? Do we need a discount link?

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  • Hey Daniel,

    Great questions! You don't necessarily need an account, or "card" when embedding media into a Mattertag post. Generally speaking's role in the process is to allow the input of content from many sources and output it in a single which is compatible with the Mattertag post's media field. As long as the the data source is one of Embely's provides, (, all that is required is to past the link into Mattertag Post's Media field. For example, pasting the link which is displayed by clicking on the share link below a Youtube video, would allow that video to play within a Mattertag post.



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