Controlling the Thumbnail Snapshot

I just wanted to take a very quick survey regarding something that just came up not too long ago.

In that thread it was brought to my attention the importance of being able to select one Snapshot as the thumbnail for the Space and a different Snapshot as the start location. It seems everyone was in agreement and really wanted to see this be possible once again.

I just want to hear from as many people as possible on this suggestion page to get everyone's opinions heard. Please Like this or leave a comment if you would like to see this feature put in place.

Thanks very much for your time and participation.

- Amir



  • Definitely need this feature. That's the only thing my last 2 clients weren't happy about.

  • I think this is important too. Being able to use a 360 View Snapshot as the thumbnail is a creative way to start the tour outside and a click taking the viewer inside. I've had many clients request this.

  • @Matterport-Amir, I think there might be some shared confusion here. If you open Workshop, and "Set the Start Location" in a space without a Highlight Reel, that image becomes both the thumbnail and the landing point after the dollhouse "fly-in".

    If you have a reel, the thumbnail is the original image, but the start location is the first snapshot in the reel. This can be different.

    In Matterport terminology, aren't "thumbnail", "Starting Location", and "Hero Image" all describing the same thing - the image that displays while the model loads?

  • I can certainly understand the confusion with all the terminology. For that reason with this article, we should better define each term.

    The Thumbnail is the loading screen background image and the image used when Facebook scrapes the link for data.

    The Start Location is where the visitor starts their Matterport experience after the Space is fully loaded. Note, this does not include where the Highlight Reel may start, which can be another snapshot all together.

    Today, both the Thumbnail and Start Location are the same snapshot, but that wasn't the case a short while ago. It used to be possible to have these two be different snapshots.

    I would like to gauge how many members would like to be able to set one snapshot as the thumbnail for the Space and a different snapshot as the start location.

    While the Start Location, Thumbnail, and Hero Image can be all the same snapshot, some may not want that. The "Hero" image is the shot from the curb that shows off the house from the best angle possible. It's the best shot to use as clickbait in Facebook. However, if may not be the best place to have a visitor start their Matterport experience. I would agree with others here it would be nice to have the "Hero" image or Thumbnail be a different snapshot - probably a 360° View from outside- from the Start Location, which should probably be an inside view.

  • The option to independently control the start position and thumbnail image would be great! Yes, there is potential for it to be confusing, but let us decide whether it's worth it or not.

  • Hi

    I am not sure this statement is correct: "Today, both the Thumbnail and Start Location are the same snapshot, but that wasn't the case a short while ago. It used to be possible to have these two be different snapshots."

    I created a new model tour in the last few days with different Thumbnail and start location. It took a bit of re-setting and re-tries before it took hold.

  • yes, please bring this feature back! A good thumbnail image can draw users into the tour. We often used a different thumbnail image and then started the tour at a different location. It made much more sense this way. At least let poeple have the option again

  • Yes, this is needed. I've had issues with the thumbnail not updating if I change the start location. It would be great to be able to choose them separately.

  • Yes I totally agree, they are two different things with different purposes, and should be separated. Also, I would like the thumbnail for the Space to have more options to "build it", as that's basically both the exposure to public and the call to action, so given its important role it would be good for us to have more power on it.

    Anyway I'm not sure if it was some flaw in the code, but I remember that I somehow managed to have a thumbnail different from the starting point in one or more Spaces.

  • Hello everybody
    Is there now a solution to get a snapshot as the thumbnail or not?
    I think it's very important and I can't do it...

  • Hello Caroline,

    Thanks for the inquiry! The current expected behavior is that the thumbnail and starting point set to the same location. The goal of this discussion is to gage interest in separating the two, meaning one location as the thumbnail, with a second set as the starting point.

    If you are currently seeing them set to different locations and would prefer them to be one i have found that setting the start location to a third point, and then back to the desired one, is enough to address the situation. If your unable to resolve the issue please send an email with the link to the space page to and we will do our best to resolve it.



  • Hello Bob
    Thanks for answering
    It's not so easy to do it but I did it!

  • Yes -- this would be great

  • @Matterport-Amir > I NEED to be able to independently set the Start Location AND the Hero Image. PLEASE make this happen. 

    In my clients' views there is only one way to do it, and as of yesterday I can't do it in Workshop. 

    1. The Hero Image should ALWAYS be the front outside shot of the house, showing the numbers. 

    2. The Starting Location should ALWAYS be where you want the inside tour to begin, like the front entrance. This should be the same for VR and Web formats. 

    I was previously able to accomplish this if I set the Start Location in Workshop to the front entrance. Then Publish. Then close the window and go look at the Snapshots and find the outside shot. Click to open that photo and then click "Set as Start Location". For some reason it still went to the start location I had set in Workshop. But as of yesterday it sends them to the outside 360, so they can't get to the rest of the tour. 

    This needs to be fixed ASAP! My customers don't want the Hero Image to be an inside view, and I don't want the Start Location to be disconnected from the actual tour. HELP!

  • To add to this. I don't see why this is an EITHER/OR discussion. It's an AND/OR use-case:

    You are required to set a Starting Location, so by default this becomes the Hero Image.

    You simply have to give us ONE NEW BUTTON next to the "Set Start Location" button labeled "Set as Hero Image".

    Exactly same functionality and UI to the user, but two independent things to set if you choose. That would be a huge and arguably necessary improvement. 

  • Hi all

    I agree this needs to be made to be do-able at click of a separate button. However, the choice of Start Location, the Highlight Reel / Tour location and the Hero image must be separated and up to the user.

    If not used in Real Estate the external street view may not be possible or desirable. Even for RE it is questionable. We still want the capability to upload non-Matterport images into the highlight reel and not dependent upon Mattertag clicks.

  • Please make this possible again!

    This feature is great for first impressions, it allows the viewer to take in the street appeal of the property or venue before starting the tour. I was disappointed when this feature stopped working and would really like to see it come back.  However, I think you need to  give MSPs the ability to control whether the start location and thumbnail are the same or different, as there are times when the exterior shot isn't the first impression you want to leave!

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


  • We need to be able to upload a hero image to use as a thumbnail. Most of us are professional photographers or have clients who have paid for professional photography in addition to a VR tour. 


    Can this be an option instead of relying on a lower quality image pulled out of a tour?

  • Hi,

    Any news on bringing this functionality back? A new client has asked for this today!

    Being able to upload non Matterport images would be even better.

    Many thanks.

  • Any updates here?

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