New York Times' Real Estate debuts Matterport tours

The New York Times announced today that they have officially started including Matterport tours for home listings featured in their Real Estate section. The New York Times Real Estate section features homes for sale and rent in the NY Tri-State area (NY, NJ, and CT), as well as nationwide.

Today’s announcement is part of The Times’ effort to continually push the envelope and innovate, and we are delighted to partner with such this esteemed and longstanding publisher in this effort. The New York Times attracts a global audience and has the most digital subscribers (1.6M) of any publisher in the US. Matterport enables their global readership to ‘visit’ and experience the homes from anywhere in the world.

The announcement comes on the heels of announcing on March 30th in an Inman article that they are the first listing portal to officially syndicate Matterport listings into its iOS app. More about the announcement here.




  • We are not seeing any of the tours our clients have done on the New York Times site.... just our competitors.... please update this so we can update our real estate clients.

  • Hi @erika-1,

    For and The New York Times to find the Matterport Space that matches the listing, the address has to be verified. Without a verified address, the Space cannot be surfaced to the publisher.

    That said, having a verified address is also not a 100% guarantee of the Space being automatically included, but at that point it's really up to the portal or publisher themselves. Different portals and publishers pull different listings based on region, geography, etc. and there's no way for Matterport to know what they choose to surface or syndicate.

    I hope that helps.

    - Amir

  • that makes some sense, if the partnership is between Matterport and NYT then are you saying that NYT is choosing what to post. If the address is verified, then it should show up right? Where is the NYT getting the information to post?

  • My assumption is the NYT is scraping the MLS for listings the same way many sites get their posts, but I imagine agents can also choose to post directly as well. It's possible that depending on which way the listing gets posted to the NYT also has a lot to do with whether the Space can be retrieved based on the verified address.

  • This continues to be a little misleading..... the realtors listing is verified, yet continues to not show up, however the home in the same neighborhood, competing realtor with a Matterport tour does show up.... as a service provider, this is frustrating when we share this with our clients and they don't see their listings, but their competitors listings instead. There has to be a reason for this, if they are scraping from the MLS then it would pull all the listings... If we are going to tout this we need a little backup please...

  • Which Space is it that's not being picked up? I can PM you if you don't want to publicize it here.

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