'Interesting' stictch

This is a small model of the San Francisco National Cemetery. If one has never visited one before it's quite a powerful experience. With this I tried to connect two different areas of the cemetery together in one 3D Space. It doesn't 'stand out', but it does show the tree 'disappear' when you go to the other section of the site. Because of so much symmetry, I was able to get two entirely different sections together. Would have been more impactful if it was a larger scan. San Francisco National Cemetery.



  • @Bill it's gorgeous - Here in Santa Fe we have a National Cemetary that might be interesting to try. What a beautiful scan!

  • Beautiful, and I love the idea of purposely misaligning scans to get to multiple areas of the same place.

    I wonder if it would help in any way to split the two areas with a window marking and force visitors to use a link to access the other section. Would be interesting to see which visitors find more comfortable.

    Great experament and thanks for sharing :)

  • Great work!

  • Looks great. Love it Bill!

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